American Diabetes Association

American Diabetes Association

The mission of the American Diabetes Association is to prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The vision is a life free of diabetes and all its burdens. At the American Diabetes Association, we work hard each and every day with that vision in mind. 

For every successful placement, our donations will contribute towards helping patients and changing the future of diabetes by:

  • You spread awareness of the devastating effects of diabetes.

  • You advocate for a child discriminated against in school because of diabetes.

  • You fund life-saving research.

  • You provide access to community programs and free resources that help those living with diabetes to live well.

United for a Cure

Walking together with family, friends, and coworkers shows your community you are passionate about finding a cure for diabetes and that you support people living with diabetes. Walking is a great way to get out and get healthy, all while celebrating those living with diabetes. 

Please learn more how you can help fight diabetes by visiting

American Diabetes Association Team Member: 

Lauren Grosz , Executive Director: (646) 844-1795

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Fundraising Made Easy


* UCare Staffing, LLC will donate 5% of the profit for every successful placement to the charity of the client's choice.

* UCare Staffing, LLC will make a donation to the selected charity for every successful placement regardless of seniority, fee size or location of placement. 

* UCare Staffing, LLC will make the donation after the placed candidate has commenced employment and completed their probationary period.